When you partner with us, we will help you plan trips that are just right for you. We listen to what you want and then carefully select the accommodations, flights, private transfers, activities, and even restaurant reservations to create your ideal vacation. Our goal is to allow you to enjoy a perfect travel experience by curating your trip the way you want it.

City Guide 

Based on a consultation phone call with a travel designer, get a curated list of hotels, activities, restaurants, and more for your destination


Trip Consultation and Planning

Basic Package 
For the traveler who is going on a simple trip but doesn’t have time to find the best rates. The Basic Package includes Transportation, Lodging, or Guided Tour bookings, and Emergency Support. Get access to cheaper travel booking than available online, along with emergency access to a trip designer to support you during your travels. 

Concierge Package
Our White glove service that provides you with the ultimate in trip planning and booking.  For the traveler who wants to take a complex, luxurious, or adventurous trip and wants expert help to ensure the best experience. 

Long Term Travel

Do you want to escape from your routine, while working and living like a local in cities around the world?  The Adventure Expert can help make that a reality!  We have 4 years experience traveling full-time – living and working in different cities around the US and around the world. 

There are a lot of programs out there that offer to let you live and work remotely while experiencing other cultures, but they tend to cater towards people in their early twenties who are looking for a post-college gap year.  They do not offer the opportunity to truly assimilate into the community and see what living in different places is actually like.  We can help you plan long term travel for up to a year!  You choose the locations, and we do everything else!  From car rental to flights to housing, we take care of all of your logistics so that you can focus on your adventure.




Rewards Travel

Points Guide 
Receive a detailed guide outlining practical strategies to get and use credit card points in order to travel for free.

Points Consultation and Personalized Strategy
In a 1-hour consultation session, our rewards expert will help you identify your travel goals and needs, and will then craft a personalized points strategy to help you get and use points to experience amazing adventures for free.

Booking with Points
The world of points is very confusing and convoluted.  Airlines, hotels, and banks make it very hard to understand the actual value of your points, and tack so many restrictions on to your rewards that it is nearly impossible to get the best value, if you can even use your points at all.  Our rewards expert can help you maximize your miles and points to make your dream vacation a reality.

We value time and money, and we are here to save you both. Clients usually find that their planning fee is more than made up through exclusive amenities, discounts, and value-added credits that The Adventure Expert provides.
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