Rewards Travel

Shai Knight-Winnig is our resident rewards expert and has accumulated millions of travel points in his life, resulting in experiencing some of the most amazing adventures for free.  From around-the-world business class tickets, to weeks in 5-star hotels, to global lounge access and early access to exclusive events, Shai is an expert at experiencing luxury for free. He brings his expertise to The Adventure Expert team by providing a custom-made guide to traveling with points, consultations on points strategies and a customized plan to get you where you want to go, and points bookings.


Points Guide

If you are looking for a strategy for DIY rewards travel, this is your starting point.  With this purchase, you will receive a detailed guide outlining practical strategies to get and use credit card points in order to travel for free.  You will also have the opportunity to send a message to our Rewards Expert to get all of your questions about reward travel answered.

Points Consultation and Personalized Strategy

If you are looking to buckle down, and really want to see results from your rewards strategy, then you should schedule a consultation with our Rewards expert.  In a 1-hour session, our rewards expert will help you identify your travel goals and needs, and will then craft a personalized points strategy to help you get and use points to experience amazing adventures for free.  You will also receive the Points Guide for free!

Booking with Points

If you already have the points, and are looking to get the most value out of them, then this is the option for you.  Our rewards expert will work with airlines, hotels, banks, and more to arrange travel for you using your points.  His experience in redeeming rewards for travel has allowed him to travel the world in business class, staying in 4 in 5 star hotels and resorts, and experiencing luxury, by just paying taxes and service charges.

Set up a points consultation or book with points today!