Full-Time Travel - The Beginnings

In Spring 2019, my partner Shai decided to take some time off from the PhD program he had been working on for the past 3 years to decide if he really wanted to pursue a career in economics. When we talked about what he would want to do instead, his ideas kept coming back to 2 main things: computer programming and real estate. We started chatting about what that would look like, tossing around ideas like a coding bootcamp or getting his real estate license, and ended up settling on remote training for both that could allow him to start pursuing them without being tied to a specific location.

About 6 months before, I had also begun working fully remotely, supporting the design and evaluation of human rights projects around the world. Around that time I was also in the beginning stages of opening a travel agency, one that would still allow me the flexibility to work remotely. When we realized that we would both be untethered from a physical location, we got really excited about the possibilities. Should we go live somewhere we had always wanted to try? Go on a long road trip and camp our way across the country? Visit our friends and family that we don’t get to see as much as we would like? Unable to pick just one, we decided on a combination of all three!

We packed all of the important things

Over the next weeks and months, we hammered out the plan that would become our road trip life. We mapped out the places in the US that we have always wanted to visit or return to, and sketched out an outline of the path that we would take to visit all of them, and many more spots, over the next year, and in July we moved out of the first apartment we shared together, left DC, hit the road, and have been traveling since.

Bye apartment!

Over the course of the next year, I will be sharing blog posts about our stops, documenting our life on the road, the lessons we have learned, where the best pizza is in each city… the important stuff. Check back in soon for my post on our first stop: Asheville, North Carolina. Learn about my favorite beers in the city, the prettiest hikes, the best bars for live music, and where you can take your dogs.

Asheville Preview - Lots of beer!

Do you have any questions about full-time travel, or want to learn about how you can do it for yourself? Let me help!

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